Why Donate to Wee Care?

Wee Care is a not-for-profit developmental day care serving an inclusive population of preschool children. Wee Care provides high-quality programming for children of all abilities. Parent fees help cover the basic operational costs but to offer our specialized services including lower teacher to child ratios and therapists (including physical, occupational and musical) we must fundraise.

Fund-raising efforts for Wee Care are an ongoing endeavour. We accept donations throughout the year and welcome donors who donate on a regular basis. Wee Care has recently partnered with the charity arm of Go Fund Me to help make donations easier for anyone who wants to help.

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Walk and Roll Fun Run

Wee Care Walk and Roll Fundraiser

Get ready to walk, run, roll, wheel, crawl and help us raise money while you have some fun. This will be a virtual event done on your schedule sometime during the Wee Care Fun Run week.

Donations for this endeavour can be made directly to the playground fund (via the Go Fund Me link) or by sponsoring one of our participants. We will have many staff members participating!

Friday August 1st to Sunday August 9th 2020

Fill out the registration form below and decide on how far you are going to travel and of course the method. 2km, 10 km or a marathon! Pay your registration fee and watch your inbox for the official sponsor record.

Maintaining a safe distance, solicit your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, strangers to sponsor your event. Tell them how great Wee Care is. Show them the playground vision we are working towards. Money can be directly sent to the Go Fund Me Page. (it will be up and running soon) 🙂

The Goal – The Playground!

An updated playground is one of the fundraising goal that we are working on here. This is the artistic rendering of what we are hoping to achieve. Our goal is to raise to revamp the 2 enclosed playground areas at a cost of $130,000. Of course it would be amazing to be able to do the whole job in one go! The entire project is expected to come in at about $200,000.

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