Winter Raffle 2021

Covid has really hit small businesses hard. From down right closures, staff shortages, supply issues, money goes out but doesn’t come in so easily.

Wee Care hasn’t had any issues with staff shortages or supply. Covid has produced a bit of a baby boom according to our ever increasing Waitlist. Where we have had concerns is in the inability to fund-raise as we normally do throughout the year.

But we got creative and we are back, looking to help you part with some of your hard earned cash for a chance at some really great prizes.

2021 Winter Raffle

We bring you the 2021 Winter Raffle! Just in time for Christmas giving. Local businesses and our families have been very generous with their giving and the prize value for each basket is much higher than what is indicated on the ticket.

$2 a ticket is better than a Black Friday sale! Get yours now before they are all gone!

Call 902-455-1081 to place an order by phone or stop by the Centre between 7am and 5:15.