Sarah Lee


I have been working in the child care since 2013 and I have been working with the Wee Care family since 2019. I got my level 1 from NSCC in 2020, I’m currently continuing my education at NSCC for my level 2.

I love exploring and watching children grown and learn new things through their play and explorations. I believe all children bring a different and special point of view to life and our experiences in life. I’m big on loose parts play, natural play and learning through play by letting children experience as they grow and investigate the world around them.

I grew up in Eastern Passage, but currently live in Halifax with my partner John. Some of my favourite pastimes are enjoying the outdoors with my family and friends no matter the weather, reading a good book or watching a show with my partner. One of my favourite places to visit is Cape Breton Island where most of my family lives, I also have two cats that I love with all my heart named Pickles and Binx.