No Room at the Centre

There is a child care crisis happening at Wee Care! We get an average of 15 phone calls and emails a week from families desperate for care so they can go back to work. Some of our current families are also looking for care for siblings, they don’t always get a spot either.

We are operating at capacity and have been for several years. Our waitlist which once was manageable ballooned to over 600 names. In order to bring a new child in, another one has to leave. Either the families move or the children move on. Our preschool rooms only accommodate 26 children and not all of them graduate in the same year, they range in age from 2.5 years to nearly 5. If families don’t take advantage of the pre-primary program, we have even fewer spaces available. We can only be assured that children going to primary will be leaving.

And there is nothing that we as a centre can do. But families, before you call and email, please add your name to the waitlist. We promise that we will call when we have an opening. We recognize that some families have been on the list since before the children were even born. And that is the reality, it can take years to get to the top of the list.