Theo – The Heart Warrior

child on a slide

This is my baby bear living his best life at @weecarehfx. Wee Care changed Theo’s life. Simply put, the staff here are incredible.Theo has grown into a sweet and smart little boy that we never was possible and we owe his development to his hardworking Wee Care team. As do many other families.

Wee Care provides care for children of all abilities, and this is so important in our community. Nothing else exists for children with unique needs. Prior to finding Wee Care, I never thought I’d be able to return to work, I spent my days working physio, feeding Theo through his G Tube, and navigating his various delays. Wee Care was our first sigh of relief in over a year.

They rely on donations to provide training to their staff and additional services such as occupational and physical therapy to children who need it most.

Please consider donating today to Wee Care Developmental Centre.

Alexis Simon, proud mom.